Attract clients with marketing thats profitable and authentically you.
Juliana Garcia

Looking for an Experienced Mentor?

Someone who cares about your business as much as you do? Well, it’s no coincidence that you’re here.

Marketing and Sales has been my profession for the past 11 years. From university, to my corporate career to my business. It’s my expertise. My clients have doubled the value of their investment, and beyond that, they’ve upgraded their mindset to leap into their new level success.

You’re in good hands. Here’s how we can work together…

Juliana Garcia: 1on1 Coaching Program

6 Month Private Mentoring & Consulting: Mindset, Marketing & Sales.

This is for you if you've invested in courses, masterminds, and now are craving personalized support to take you to your NEXT LEVEL from someone who’s been in your shoes and cares about your business as much as YOU do.

I’ll help you attract high quality clients consistently with a clear and compelling marketing message. and have a sales process that FEELS good, so you’re no longer in the dark about what it really takes to reach 6 or multiple 6 figures in your business


Juliana Garcia: Magnetize and Monetize Marketing Mastermind

The Magnetize & Monetize Method
This is my signature 3 month group mastermind experience for coaches and consultants who want to go from 2k per month to 10k months consistently.



Join The Free Facebook Community For Weekly Trainings & Networking.

Simply put, just by applying the free trainings I provide in this group my members have been able to sign new clients! Join our society of badass entrepreneurs who may become your business besties and referral partners!


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