Attract clients with marketing thats profitable and authentically you.
Juliana Garcia


Want to attract clients who are a perfect match (and pay in full)? If so, you need to add more of your truth to your marketing message…curious how?

I’ll show how to create thumb-stopping Facebook posts that connect and convert to sales.
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Let’s be Real. When it Comes to Marketing, Consumers see Straight Through the Gimmicks and Tactics

The old way of marketing with scarcity and false promises is quickly dying, because in todays world, people are craving more intimacy and connection with the brands they invest in. Meaning YOU.

When you infuse your true personality in your marketing – quirks and all – you’ll start attracting better clients who are a perfect fit, because you’re not the carbon copy of your competitors. Instead you’re being 100% YOU.

This is why your marketing message not only needs to clearly communicate the power of what you do, but also has to be authentic to who you are.

Juliana Garcia

Authenticity is Magnetic

Once you create that irresistible effect, price objections fade away because your prospects trust you and feel understood more than ever.

Why? Because you’re being an expert but not trying to be “perfect”, instead you're being authentic, and that’s what Soulful Marketing is all about.


Soulful Marketing is Profitable
and Truthfully YOU.

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I’m Juliana Garcia

Soulful Marketing Strategist for ambitious coaches and experts who want to scale to multiple 6 figures by owning their truth… and I get it:

You’re incredibly gifted at what you do and your services create a massive impact on your client’s lives.

But when it comes to communicating the value of your offers in a way that connects with your audience AND coverts to sales consistently, your feel stuck

I see this every day and you’re not alone…

So many incredible coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs get caught up in comparison and perfectionism, wondering how to be more authentic in the world of business, yet still be seen as a trustworthy authority - and get paid like one!

I help my clients create epic results by doing exactly that.

I know you have big goals and I’m here to make sure marketing isn’t the thing that holds you back.

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Soulful Marketing that lets you Stay True to Yourself Comes Down to Just 3 Things


We clarify your stand out message, your ideal clients, and your signature process so you gain confidence around what you do, who it’s for, and how to connect with your clients on a deeper level.


The secret to attracting clients who are ready to invest and who are committed to achieving results is to magnetize them with YOUR TRUTH. My zone of genius is helping you create high-converting content that keeps it real.


Once you’ve got your message dialed in and start showing up powerfully online, we create a sales process that actually feels good, so your income can finally match your ambition.


The work that we do together is not just about marketing, is about helping you embody the most congruent and authentic version of yourself.

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Guide: 5 Secrets to Writing Magnetic Content that Attracts Clients who pay in Full

Start being seen as a visionary leader
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